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Yoga Events
in Portland

Yoga Events in Portland from November 15th to 17th, 2019

We held yoga events featuring Japanese green tea at two popular yoga studios in Portland: Yoga Union on November 16th and Yoga Pearl on November 17th. At Yoga Pearl, we did a small tasting session on November 15th as well. The purpose of these events and a small session is to introduce Japanese green tea as a tool to practice mindfulness in daily life for those in millennial generation who are already engaged in mindfulness activities such as yoga and meditation.

These lectures were presented by a tea specialist Ms. Lauren Harris, a certified tea sommelier by International Tea Masters Association (ITMA). She focused on Japanese green tea’s effects on mind and body through her lecture while actually encouraging participants to try three steps that deepen the mindfulness experience when drinking Japanese green tea. The three steps include these actions: straightening posture, drinking tea slowly, then taking a deep breath. Her presentation went by in a relaxing and friendly manner, as if it were a part of actual yoga session.


Lauren Harris

International Tea Masters Association Certified Tea Sommelier

Lauren Harris is a certified Tea Sommelier (International Tea Masters Association: ITMA). She studied Urasenke— Japanese Tea Ceremony—and then continued to train and qualify in worldwide tea studies via ITMA. After qualifying, Lauren worked directly for Steven Smith, at Steven Smith Teamaker, where she led National Demo programs. She reflects tea's incredible nuances as an educator and a way of life. As a U.S. Citizen who's studied Japanese Tea Ceremony, she teaches Japanese Green Tea from a zen/mindfulness perspective.

Additionally, the participants tasted two types of Japanese green tea: Matcha and Gyokuro. These types of tea have relatively high level of L-Theanine, an amino acid that relaxes people’s mind and boost concentration.

After receiving a detailed lecture on Japanese green tea, participants have experience Matcha workshop by Ms. Harris, who has studied Japanese tea ceremony (Urasenke) before. All participants tried to make Matcha in Japanese traditional style, which was totally new experience for them. Due to the recent Matcha trend in the United States, Matcha in Japanese traditional style seems relatively easy to be accepted.

Some of the participants have left positive comments as below:

  • I drink tea regularly as a daily practice, but this was my first experience with Matcha. It was delightful.

  • I have difficulty developing a meditation practice, and Japanese green tea seems like a wonderful and accessible mindfulness practice!

  • It was a wonderful match with my yoga class and to have a sample. I really enjoyed talking and learning about Japanese green tea with such warm interesting people.

  • I really enjoy the presentation and info provided about the process of cultivation and mindfulness practices along with the benefits of the Japanese green tea.

  • Thank you for sharing and promoting mindfulness.

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