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Office Events
in Vancouver

Office Events in Vancouver on October 23rd and 28th, 2019

We held office events featuring Japanese green tea at tech companies in Vancouver: Traction on Demand on October 23rd and SAP Labs Vancouver on October 28th. The purpose of these events is to introduce Japanese green tea as a tool to practice mindfulness in daily life for millennials who are highly interested in mindfulness activities and work in software and IT services industries.

The seminars were presented by a tea-hunter Mr. Pedro Villalon who is known for travelling around the world in search of tea leaves with the finest quality. He presented the history and cultural aspects of Japanese green tea, while introducing rare kinds of Japanese green tea Mr.Villalon has “hunted” (which some are said to exist in wildlife!). In addition, Mr.Vilallon has lectured Japanese green tea’s effects on body and mind and the ideal way to drink Japanese green tea.


Pedro Villalon

Co-Fouder O5 Rare Tea Bar

Pedro Villalon, originally from Mexico, is a tea-hunter known for traveling the world in search of micro-batch tea leaves that he would be proud to share with family and friends. While he was working as the brand manager for P&G in China, he fell madly in love with tea and ended up starting a tea company in Vancouver. In 2012 he opened O5 Rare Tea Bar in Vancouver where a wide range of Japanese green tea is served. For this talk, Pedro will share his knowledge of Japanese tea: its history, production methods, as well as the nutritional value that promotes overall wellness.

Additionally, the participants tasted two types of Japanese green tea: Matcha and Gyokuro. These types of tea have relatively high level of L-Theanine, an amino acid that relaxes people’s mind and boost concentration. These kinds of tea were served by the staff of “O5 Rare Tea Bar", a Vancouver-based tea shop owned by Mr.Villalon. Participants expressed great interest in the taste of Japanese green tea.

The participants were very actively involved and asking diverse questions about Japanese green tea to Mr. Villalon such as the most effective type of green tea to have mindfulness effects and the appropriate temperature to make hot tea.

Even after the event, some enthusiastic participants asked Mr.Villalon detailed questions on the best ways to drink Japanese green tea in everyday life.

Some of the participants have left positive comments as below:

  • Never heard of Matcha shot before, but it’s amazing.

  • Enjoyed learning about the production and localities of the tea.

  • Very informative and the tea was amazing.

  • Very informative. I will definitely be researching and purchasing green tea.

  • It’s not sweet, that’s a big thing! I loved it.

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