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Yoga Events
in Los Angeles

Yoga Events in Los Angeles from October 25th to 26th, 2019

We held yoga events with lectures about Japanese green tea at two popular yoga studios in Los Angeles: Mystic Journey on October 25th and Hyperslow on October 26th. Also, we had a small tasting session at another well-known yoga studio YogaWorks on October 26th. The purpose of these events and a small session is to introduce Japanese green tea as a tool to practice mindfulness in daily life for millennials who are engaged in mindfulness activities such as yoga and meditation.

The lectures were presented by tea specialist Ms. Melissa Salazar, a certified tea sommelier by International Tea Masters Association (ITMA). Her presentation introduced Japanese green tea’s effects not only on physical health but also on people’s mind. She also added ideal ways to enjoy Japanese green tea in everyday life to earn its benefit to the fullest.


Melissa Salazar

Red’s Zen Tea Co. Founder & CEO

International Tea Masters Association Certified Tea Sommelier and master Melissa Salazar began her career with a Bachelors of Science degree in Exercise Nutrition and Wellness. As she became a teacher in this field, Melissa realized that her passion for tea became stronger, leading her to establish her own Tea company, Red’s Zen Tea Company. She wishes to educate Americans on benefits of “health”, “mindfulness” and “wellness” through tea. Melissa is currently teaching Tea Certification courses through the ITMA. Her overall mission in life is to contribute to the world of tea by educating and helping others expand on their passion for tea. With her deep knowledge about the historical background of Japanese tea and nutria value, she can discuss the beneficial aspect of mindfulness through Japanese tea from both physical and mental points of view.

Additionally, the participants tasted two types of Japanese green tea: Matcha and Gyokuro. These types of tea have relatively high level of L-Theanine, an amino acid that relaxes people’s mind and boost concentration.

After receiving a detailed lecture on Japanese green tea, participants have experience Matcha workshop led by Mr.Anthony Alanouf, the manager of Matcha café SHUHARI in Santa Monica, and his staff. All the participants actually tried to make tea in a Japanese traditional style, which was totally new experience for them.

The participants were very actively involved and asking diverse questions about Japanese green tea to Ms. Salazar such as the difference between the black tea and green tea and the best time to drink Japanese green tea. Ms. Salazar’s comprehensible FAQ session deepened the participants’ understanding on Japanese green tea and the best way to earn the benefits from it.

Many participants were excited on this informative lecture, discovered a lot, and said that they will make their own Matcha at home.
Also there are positive comments from participants as the ones below:

  • This was the best experience and the taste of green tea I’ve ever had! The tea is smooth and not bitter like many other teas I’ve ever had.

  • I hope to participate in another workshop on Japanese green tea.

  • Great insightful workshop and the Matcha was very delicious.

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