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Office Events
in San Francisco

Office Events in San Francisco from October 9th to 11th, 2019

We held office events featuring Japanese green tea at 3 famous tech companies in San Francisco Bay Area, Google, SAP Labs, and Yelp from October 9th to 11th. The purpose of this event is to introduce Japanese green tea as a tool to practice mindfulness in daily life for millennials who are highly interested in mindfulness activities and work in Software and IT services industries.

The seminars were presented by tea specialist Mr. Oscar Brekell who is certified as Japanese Tea Instructor. His presentation introduced Japanese green tea’s effects not only on physical health but also on people’s mind. He also added historical episodes on how Americans in 20th century have imported and enjoyed Japanese green tea.


Oscar Brekell

Certified Japanese Tea Instructor

Born in Sweden in 1985, Oscar Brekell developed an interest in Japanese tea during high school, something that grew into a passion that later led him to relocate to Japan.
He became a certified Japanese Tea Instructor in 2014, completed an internship at The Tea Research Center in Shizuoka. and has also been working for Japan Tea Export Council. In 2018 he set up his own business, and is now involved in tea education projects overseas and arranges tea events and seminars in Japan. He is the first non-Japanese to receive a certificate for making hand-made Sencha and in 2016 he was awarded the CHAllenge prize by the World Green Tea Association. Lately he also appears frequently on Japanese radio and television, and is getting increasingly known for encouraging the Japanese to rediscovering the joy of drinking green tea.

Additionally, the participants tasted two types of Japanese green tea: Matcha and Gyokuro. These types of tea have relatively high level of L-Theanine, an amino acid that relaxes people’s mind and boost concentration.
The participants were very actively involved and asking diverse questions about Japanese green tea to Mr. Brekell such as the ones below:

“From how Gyokuro is grown, I guess the sunlight diverge the taste of the Japanese green tea, but does its taste differ depending on whether it is grown in the northern or southern area?”
“If we are to enjoy Japanese green tea together with snacks in San Francisco, what would be the best to go with?”

Some questions were so specific that they were able to bring up more interesting episodes from Mr.Brekell about Japanese green tea’s effects on people’s body and mind based on interesting facts and his experience.

Some of the participants have left positive comments as below:

  • Really cool session that gives cultural insight and appreciation. Would definitely want to attend a longer detailed session.

  • I got inspired to drink Japanese green tea. (It was tasty!) Even though I loved drinking tea before already, I had no idea of Japanese tea.

  • Wouldn’t have minded some scientific sets before. Practical advice for incorporating the habit.

  • I look forward to exploring green tea more and enjoying mindfully drinking tea.

  • Good to learn about different tea, preparations and effects. Shaded tea, whisked Matcha and cold brews were interesting.

  • I enjoyed the talk very much – articulate speaker, pleasantly informative; a relaxing and enjoyable experience. I feel inspired to take up tea drinking more consistently.

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