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Tea in the Moment

To Tea or Not To Tea

The workday is stressful. It’s fast-paced. It’s anxiety-filled. From the minute you walk in until the minute you leave—something is always demanding attention. Discover how Japanese green tea can help provide calm and mindfulness as you sip stress away, re-energize and Tea in the Moment.

What is
“Tea in the Moment”?

In today’s busy, nonstop world, dedicating attention and focus in a fast-paced work environment can seem impossible at times. While multitasking may seem efficient on the surface, the brief mental blocks created by shifting between tasks can reduce productivity. To help meet and balance growing work demands, career-minded urban professionals are turning to ancient Japanese cultural traditions, like practicing meditation and minimalism to increase mindful activity and clear-headedness.
Studies show practicing mindful intention throughout the workday can enhance professional performance. Just one cup of Japanese green tea can help calm the mind, boost concentration and relieve stress. Whether fueling the start of your day or mentally preparing for a high-stakes meeting, find time to create your workplace mindfulness: brew a cup, sip into serene and Tea in the Moment with Green Teas from Japan.

3 steps to
“Tea in the Moment”

  • step1.

    Straighten your posture

    Before drinking the tea, relax shoulders, straighten your back.

  • step2.

    Drink tea slowly

    Take a sip of Japanese green tea.

  • step3.

    Take a deep breath

    Breathe in and out deeply and control one’s breathing.

Drinking Japanese
Green Tea in Daily Life

Find Your Tea

Your guide to a Japanese green tea.
Did you know that Japanese green tea is rich in theanine and has a relaxing effect? There are many advantages depending on different types of teas.
With 2 simple questions, you can find the Japanese green tea that matches your everyday life. Find your tea.

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