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Japanese Green Tea
Farmers and Producers
Over its long history, Japanese green tea, Ocha, has developed in a unique way. Carefully cultivated by the hands
of farmers in the fields of Japan, Ocha of a consistent quality,
produced through subtle techniques, embarks upon a journey to you.
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Ocha, Japanese green tea, is a mindful experience of
simplicity for all the senses.
A Brief History
of Ocha
The Japanese first began to drink Ocha some 1,200 years ago. At first, it was consumed for nourishment or to restore one's health. Later, samurai warriors began to partake of it in social settings. Eventually, through the Japanese tea ceremony and Zen practices, Ocha became a meditative experience of mindfulness for calming the mind.

Today, it comes in a wide range of varieties and is now an inseparable part of everyday life in Japan. The development of Ocha progresses through adaptation to its environment.
Quality Born of
Japan’s Unique Climate
Ocha is cultivated in a diverse array of regions across Japan. The rich soil, plentiful water, and abundant sunshine in Japan's beautiful climate helps grow high-quality tea leaves. But these factors alone do not produce truly delicious Ocha. Rather, the subtle techniques developed over many years by the Japanese are essential to its high-quality flavor.
Supreme care
Farmers, Producers,
and Their Meticulous Care
Quality control is strict in the tea fields. Another contribution is how the tea leaves are steamed. It is the meticulous care of producers that gives Ocha its consistent quality and flavor.
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